Marcotte Software




A large developer base helps you to avoid vendor lock in. With 20 million domains using this software stack, this technology is supported very well by both hosting companies, and developers. Several large and well-tested Open Source products are available for use, modification, and integration into your project when developing with these technologies. From the base framework, such as PEAR, and PECL, to full applications including Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart, Phorum, Gallery, Zen Cart, or osCommerce we can build you an economical, fully integrated web application, where we focus on your specific business needs, and not the general infrastructure that all businesses require.


A development combination that is most suited to businesses who have existing Microsoft infrastructure that is designed to integrate with Microsoft products. In addition, commercial support is available from Microsoft, but you'll pay.


FreeBSD and OpenBSD

Serious server operating systems. If you have rebooting your servers as part of your scheduled maintenance, you are not using either of these operating systems. FreeBSD is the operating system of choice for many Internet based companies, including Yahoo!, pair networks, and even at one time, Microsoft's own Hotmail. OpenBSD is focused on thorough security. In addition, they are an incubator for many great free (as in freedom) networking projects including pf, CARP, and pfsync. Using these technologies we can create high end: web, email, and database servers. In addition, we can create failure resistant firewalls, and set up a cross-country VPN to link all of your offices over the Internet.